Luxury platform REALM will join as the launch sponsor
by Inman Apr 8
Ruth Kennedy Sudduth of Landvest Boston rises early on the farm and ends her day at an alumni meeting at Harvard Business School
by Inman Mar 12
Jeff Ward of Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates juggles family, friends and work while trying to stay on schedule during the city's busiest time of the year
by Inman Feb 20
Currently in beta mode, the company is partnering with Gary Gold and Ann Abernethy, among others
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 20
Realm will sell pricy subscriptions on the claim it can use data to match high-end properties to interested buyers
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 3
Company will run online advertising for both MLSs
by Inman Nov 1
Partnership gives REALM advertisers access to mobile market
by Inman Jun 9
LPS' network features about 1,900 real estate websites
by Inman May 12