Mauricio Umansky's 8 secrets to setting life-changing goals
A successful year begins with setting smart goals and moving forward with an intentional mindset. Keep your eye on the prize, map out your aspirations, and great things will come your way
by Mauricio Umansky Nov 17
4 key steps to building a thriving real estate team
Every leader has a different approach to hiring, but one thing is certain: It's crucial to hire the right people if you want your team to be successful. One agent shares her tried-and-true method for building a team from the ground up
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Agent/broker perspective: How can agents set goals with so much uncertainty?
Start with what you know now, and then as market conditions become more predictable, the agent can set more rigid and challenging goals that keep her reaching for better production and efficiency
by Anthony Askowitz Jan 19
What your team's accountability plan should look like
A good CRM will provide you with enough true information to hold agents accountable as well as compare how your team members work
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Keeping It Real: How to master the art of execution
Heed these 6 steps and you'll follow through to a fruitful career
by Peter Lorimer Feb 27
When is enough, enough? Don't overextend for baseless goals
Don’t just pull a random number out of the air. Take time to look at how you want to live, analyze your sales data and develop some real goals
Keeping It Real: Achieve your goals by starting small
Fuel your career by setting reachable goals rather than financial goals that can leave you feeling empty-handed and hopeless
by Peter Lorimer Oct 17
6 tips for setting (and achieving) strong goals
Real estate coach Rod Khleif shares his top secrets for goal-setting the right way
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Your plan-ahead guide to making 2023 the best year ever
To get the year off to a great start, follow these steps for setting SMART goals and creating action plans to achieve them
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Keeping it real: How to set goals and achieve them
The secret is knowing what you have control over, digging in and working as hard as you can
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3 pro tips for professional goal setting
Creating benchmarks is the path to success
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A woman reaching the end of the finish line
Bill Watkins and Robert Mallon share their 60 years of combined experience
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3 steps to tracking personal and professional goals
Set your goals, break them into chunks and track your results to be on the road to success
by Tigi Tasso May 11