Capitol dome in Washington, DC
Nation’s largest real estate trade group says Tax Cuts & Jobs Act has ‘punched a huge hole’ in incentives to own a home
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 14
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The National Association of Realtors funded over 524 federal candidates this election cycle: 6 Republicans and 4 Democrats received the most money
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The new tax law's impacts on homeowners, buyers and investors
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Could tax cuts overheat booming US economy down the road?
41% of housing experts polled by Zillow are less optimistic about long-term housing market in light of tax reform. Why? They might fear 'throwing fuel on an already-raging fire.'
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Paul Ryan at U.S. Capitol
NAR lobbying wins important concessions from most significant rewrite of tax code in a generation
House Speaker Paul Ryan Holds Weekly News Conference At The Capitol
The final text of the bill marking the biggest change to the U.S. tax structure in decades has been released
House Republicans pass tax reform bill
Real estate industry has expressed numerous concerns over the legislation
National Association of Realtors slams tax reform bill as 'assault on housing'
House Republicans are expected to vote Thursday on the 'Tax Cuts and Jobs Act'