It’s an aggressive seller’s market out there. As a buyer’s agent, what are you doing to get your offer accepted? If it’s any of these behaviors, now’s the time to stop
by Michelle Shelton Sep 14
With the new year approaching and resolutions to be made, let’s all do our part to make this industry great again
by Lauren Klein Dec 6
Always hone your website and marketing efforts
by Brandon Doyle Nov 9
The No. 1 goal is to take them offline
by Joe Samson Aug 29
Start by adding Snapchat, texting and blogging to your arsenal
by Jessica Thiefels Aug 1
These partners aren't like your other clients
by Jordan Wirsz Jul 20
Be proactive when working with prospects
by Bruce Keith Apr 12
Cognitive computing is part of real estate's future
by Russ Cofano Apr 4
Quick tips to manage your productivity
by Barry Jenkins Mar 24
Encourage each other -- and have fun
by Deidre Woollard Feb 26
Savvy agents will connect better with millennials
by Kristin Messerli Feb 15
Get out there, and hug some strangers
Up the standards for your reputation, your business and your income