How much money should you invest in real estate?
Real estate investing puts your money to work in the form of an income-producing property that can then be used to help finance your next property. The biggest barrier is also the simplest one: money
by Luke Babich Nov 1
9 questions second-homebuyers should ask themselves before the search
Make sure your second-homebuyers are truly ready for their purchase by asking these questions before beginning the home search
by Santiago Arana Nov 1
How Airbnb investors can minimize risks when buying properties
Changes to HOA rules or city regulations can pose a fatal risk, short-term rental investors say. Here’s how buyers and brokers can minimize revenue risks when targeting short-term rentals
by Taylor Anderson Oct 31
Airbnb holiday bookings, prices are soaring. Here's how hosts can profit
The holiday season is approaching and with it opportunities for hosts to maximize earnings. Read how Airbnb Superhosts earn 6 figures from short-term rentals — and how you can too
by Ben Verde Oct 31
Pacaso vote could offer roadmap for other opponents of fractional homes
Proposed regulations in Park City, Utah, would restrict Pacaso to areas reserved for timeshares. A vote is scheduled for Oct. 27 and could provide a blueprint for critics in other communities
by Ben Verde Oct 27
Is now the time to buy a storm-damaged, post-hurricane home?
In the aftermath of a natural disaster, investors and bargain-hunters may be shopping for a deal. Here's what to watch out for
by Sue Benson Oct 27
Create future income: Secrets for maximizing your real estate investments
The emerging buyer’s market, with increasing inventory and falling prices, offers a golden opportunity for you to invest in real estate to create income now and in the future
by Bernice Ross Oct 25
7 pros and cons of having a real estate investing partner
Just as you would research potential properties before purchase, take ample time to weigh the pros and cons of taking on a real estate investing partner
by Luke Babich Oct 11
property management, property manager, investment, investing
Finding and retaining the right talent to manage your investments is a fine art. Personality, work ethic and heart are key factors that these recruiters will not compromise on
by Michael Zaransky Oct 11
Media mogul nabs one of 2022's priciest listings for $100M
Billionaire media mogul Byron Allen has purchased a Malibu estate for $100M, making the deal the most an African American buyer has ever paid for a home in the US
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 10
Pacaso homes: What is it and how does it work?
Pacaso has emerged as a leading second-home platform in the real estate co-ownership market. Here’s how real estate agents can earn more by selling one-eighth shares in any market
by Taylor Anderson Oct 10
Summer's over: What clients need to know if they sell a vacation home
Buying or selling a family vacation home may be one of the biggest financial decisions in your client’s life and could be one of the best life decisions they make for their family
by Jordan Curnutt Oct 6
Share your most recent real estate investment success stories! Pulse
What real estate investment strategies are working for you and your clients right now? Let us know in this week's survey
by Inman Oct 5
The 9 US housing markets where tenants are most behind on rent
One in every 4 renters in some US markets is behind on monthly rent payments after a historic run-up in prices, according to data released Monday by real estate portal
by Taylor Anderson Oct 4
5 Airbnb options that are cheaper than this $143 a night storage unit
Short-term rental owners were surprised to find a container without windows and 3 bunk beds brought in that much rent. 'Jesus Christ,' wrote one rental investor, 'someone has done it'
by Taylor Anderson Oct 4