Mortgage database created to track bad actors now a recruiting tool
Unique IDs created by Nationwide Multistate Licensing System can reveal competitors' loan originations by product, loan amount, geography and loan officer
by Matt Carter Oct 19
Home lending activity drops at fastest pace in 3 years
Loan activity dropped 11%, the fastest rate of decline since 2019, according to Attom Data Solutions. Refinance, purchase, home-equity mortgages were down in the fourth quarter of 2021
by Taylor Anderson Mar 4
Yes, wages really are rising faster than rent in a majority of counties
A report found that wages are rising faster than rent prices in 637 out of the 1,154 counties analyzed — a slim majority
by Ben Verde Jan 18
Homeownership remains cheaper than renting, except in biggest cities
A new analysis found that owning a median priced home was more affordable than the average rent on a 3-bedroom property in the majority of US counties — except for big cities
by Ben Verde Jan 6
Pay raises aren't keeping up with rise in home prices, mortgage rates
Homebuyers used to be able to count on falling mortgage rates and rising wages to offset red-hot home prices; that's no longer the case
by Daniel Houston Dec 29
Profit margins drop on fixer-uppers as flip sales ramp back up
Fix-and-flip investors have seen their lowest profit margins in a decade, with the typical return falling to 34 percent
by Daniel Houston Sep 15
Underwater homeowners gain breathing room as prices climb
Fewer properties are considered seriously underwater now that rising home prices have put homeowners with mortgages in a better position
by Daniel Houston Aug 9
Attom Data Solutions adds transportation noise data to offerings
The new data set will include noise scores for roads, highways, airports, railroads and railroad crossings, and fire stations. The product will also summarize a location's overall noise environment
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 19
Flipped properties fell to 2.7% of all sales in the first quarter of 2021, the lowest share seen in decades: Attom
by Daniel Houston Jun 17
Refinance loans spur 14-year high in lending activity
The dollar amount of loans distributed during the fourth quarter of 2020 was also the highest quarterly amount distributed since at least 2000
Equity-rich properties make gains in fourth quarter
The number of equity-rich homes in the U.S. made solid gains at the end of last year, and now account for more than 30% of mortgaged properties
It's cheaper to own a home than rent in 63% of markets
Less populous areas and counties located in the Midwest and South are more likely to have more affordable homebuying than renting options, according to a report from Attom Data Solutions
Homeownership became unaffordable for most Americans in Q4
The average wage fell below the level needed to afford the typical home in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to ATTOM Data Solutions
by Patrick Kearns Dec 30
Home flipping rates continue downward trend, profits hit new high
Despite the seeming decline in popularity of house flipping, the gross profit on the typical home flip rose to its highest amount since 2000 of $73,766, up from $69,000 during the second quarter of 2020
by Lillian Dickerson Dec 16
Home prices rise in opportunity zones, but lag behind nationwide gains
A report by Attom Data Solutions reveals that opportunity zones experienced a strong quarter, but gains still fell below the pace of broader metro areas across the US
by Lillian Dickerson Nov 11