Federal regulations provide 'zero tolerance' for miscalculating real estate transaction taxes when providing TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure to borrowers, Black Knight warns
by Matt Carter Dec 19
New rule clarifies timeframe for addressing closing cost increases with consumers
by Patrick Kearns May 1
The CFPB amended its rules to make it clear that the mortgage document can be shared with real estate professionals
by Amber Taufen Jul 10
And 35 percent of buyers were surprised by higher-than-expected closing costs
by Marian McPherson Feb 16
National Association of Realtors says closing times in November exceeded last year's timelines; here's why
by Amy Tankersley Dec 14
Results from our largest national agent survey to date
by Tim & Julie Harris Nov 29
Who knew space travel and mortgage regulatory pressures had so much in common?
by Emily Hoffman Nov 22
A letter that NAR sent in June seems to have been heeded
by Amber Taufen Jul 29
It can make or break your career
by Bernice Ross Jul 18
Association asks bureau to add clear, written guidance in new TRID rule to address some of its unintended consequences and varied lender interpretations
by Amy Tankersley Jun 9
Don't let closing affect your health
by Emily Hoffman Jun 6

In this week’s video, Peter Lorimer of PLG Estates discusses TRID, otherwise known as TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures. How does it affect agents, and how does it affect clients? What do you need to know?

by Peter Lorimer Jun 3
CFPB says it is working on a notice of proposed rulemaking to give the rule ‘greater certainty and clarity’; here’s what the real estate segment wants to see change
by Amy Tankersley Apr 29
Free online web tool allows mortgage applicants to compare loan quotes
by Amy Tankersley Apr 26
Let your clients know, for RESPA's sake
by Ryan Fitzgerald Apr 20