Housing starts dipped in January amid Omicron surge, cold weather
The decline in starts came as Omicron cases surged across the US and wintry weather hampered builders' progress, according to data Thursday from the US Census Bureau and HUD
by Lillian Dickerson Feb 17
A reptile dysfunction: Agents dodge falling iguanas on the job in Florida
Fallout from unsually cold temperatures in the state last weekend comes with its own challenges, real estate agents in Florida told Inman
A home for sale in the wintertime
Liven up a cold-weather showing with our list of wintertime tips
by Christy Murdock Dec 17
Win the winter sales slowdown with these 5 cozy real estate listing tips
Sellers that highlight their home's coziest winter features can stand out in what is traditionally considered a slower time for sales, according to a new analysis from Zillow released Monday
by Daniel Houston Dec 13
3 tried-and-true ways to ensure your business doesn't freeze this winter
Whether you’re quarantined with your family, working from home or stuck in the cold, here's how you can keep your business hot and buzzing through the winter months
by Mayleene DeFreece Feb 16
A comprehensive list of 2023 real estate events
The real estate conference has kicked back into high gear. Check out our extensive list of events, data drops and Realtor conventions scheduled for 2023
by Daniel Houston Jan 18
5 ways agents can take advantage of the off-season
Most agents dread the off-season, but savvy agents see it as an opportunity. Use the winter months to make a plan, build relationships and research trends that will ultimately make you useful to your clients in the long run
by Ben Mizes Jan 5
Pulse: How our readers are preparing for winter
This week, our readers tell us what they're doing to prepare for the winter months ahead, covering topics like virtual learning and marketing. Here's what you had to say
by Inman Nov 3
Winter is coming: These are most in-demand cold weather amenities
As homebuyers and owners prepare to settle in for what may be a long COVID-19 winter, fire pits, hot tubs and heated floors have never been more desirable
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 28
16 things newbies should do in a slow selling season
Worried about the winter slump? Here are some things to keep you busy — and to prepare you for the spring market
by Troy Palmquist Dec 2
How a snowy spring is impacting real estate
The never-ending winter weather is affecting the spring market, but East Coast agents are working hard to give excellent service regardless
by Christy Murdock Mar 23
Santa on New York Stock Exchange
A special seasonal edition of The Inman Files
by Brad Inman Dec 14
5 reasons to buy a home in the offseason
It's cheaper, and sellers are serious
by Mike Pulley Dec 5
How to convince your real estate clients to sell in the winter
Get ready for a flurry of opportunities
by John T. Murray Feb 9
Gloved hands holding out holiday-wrapped gifts
Focus on remembering the past while creating new memories with loved ones
by Bernice Ross Dec 19