Get more done! How to leverage automation to lighten your daily workload
If you've put together systems and processes to streamline your business, it's time to automate their implementation for even more efficiency
by Jeremy Knauff Oct 18
ASG acquires real estate software company Sierra Interactive
Sierra Interactive builds lead-generation and marketing tools for real estate agents and is now alongside Homebot, DoorLoop, NestReady and Airdna in the ASG/Alpine proptech ecosystem
by Craig C. Rowe Oct 13
For Real: Toronto-based brokerage re-ups Chime partnership
The brokerage will be able to leverage Chime's newest marketing tool, the content-automating Social Studio, announced in August among other recent updates
by Craig C. Rowe Sep 22
4 metrics that matter: Daily tasks for greater agent productivity
If you are not sure how your business is stacked at the moment, you need to measure these four metrics. Finding your footing in a shift doesn't have to be bittersweet
by Adam Hergenrother Aug 12
Job 1 is your database: Here's how to keep it perpetually producing
If you do not currently have a database, it is time to start. To ignore your CRM is to leave a significant opportunity untapped
by Carl Medford Aug 1
Going on vacation?  Use this checklist before you disconnect
You have your flip flops and have packed the SPF, but did you remember to check on your business? Here are the most important things you need to know before you roll out on vacation
by Rachael Hite Jul 15
At a glance: A financial guide for for your first year in real estate
This month-over-month financial plan will help walk you through where you should be and help you avoid any cash-flow pitfalls in your first year. Bookmark this handy list — and refer to it often
by Dani Vanderboegh Jun 14
7 core strategies for building a thriving business
The process of growing a thriving real estate business is systematic when the proper strategies are matched with consistent execution. Identify the ideal strategies for you, go all in executing those strategies, and the success you’ve been searching for is inevitable
by Jimmy Burgess Jun 12
5 low or no cost ideas for thrifty 1st year real estate agents
Ouch! With inflation at an all time high, 2022 first-year agents may be feeling the burn more than their previous class. Read this to help create some room in your budget
by Darryl Davis Jun 11
Before you take the plunge: What to know before becoming a part-time agent
Ready to begin your real estate career by going part-time? Part-time agent Joel Lock offers his tried-and-true advice for agents taking the dual-career plunge
by Joel Lock Jun 6
Is it a write-off? See which of these 14 expenses agents can deduct at tax time
A quick reference guide for common real estate agent expenses to help you determine whether or not they are tax-deductible
by Lillian Dickerson May 18
How do you tell an MLS, 'Your baby's ugly'?
At Inman Connect New York, moderator Sam DeBord and panelists Lucie Fortier and Greg Robertson discuss the 'paranoia' fueling tech tension between brokers and MLSs
by Andrea V. Brambila Apr 21
14 insightful tips for agents looking to save money in their business
From resisting shiny objects (so to speak) to taking advantage of local intern pools, here's how industry experts say agents can save their pennies in an ever-shifting market
by Lillian Dickerson Apr 18
A comprehensive guide to finding inventory in today's market
Here, Inman has created an extensive resource for ways to find inventory — from old-school methods to more creative approaches — when it seems like there's nothing left on the shelves
by Lillian Dickerson Mar 30
Bright MLS ditches Remine Pro, prompting plea to agents
Citing low adoption, the nation's second-largest multiple listing service will no longer offer Remine Pro at no additional cost to its subscribers beginning April 1
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 25
6 creative ways to reboot a chilly lead
Instead of focusing on the results themselves, focus on the activities that drive results. Use these methods to re-engage after an initial conversation and land the listing
by Tom Toole Feb 24
10 things agents should stay focused on in 2022 
It’s time to shake things up and do things a little differently. Lean into these best practices and smart strategies for a successful year
by Darryl Davis Feb 21
31 can't-miss marketing strategies from real-life agent experience
Darryl Davis culls the best from three powerful agent brainstorming sessions to help you reach your target audience
by Darryl Davis Feb 7