Want to build deeper relationships? 5 ways to say thank you year-round
Saying thank you should be more than a once-a-year pie drop-off. Show your appreciation throughout the transaction and the entire year to help build meaningful relationships
by Rachael Hite Nov 14
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion improves homebuying for individuals with disabilities
We need to work on improving diversity, equity and inclusion in the homebuying journey in order to foster a sense of belonging for all
by Amanda Deering Oct 31
Want to help EVERY client find a dream home? 7 tips for working with buyers with special needs
Even with the best of intentions, it can be difficult to consider all of the factors your clients may need to consider when they're dealing with mobility issues, vision impairments or other challenges
by Amanda Deering Oct 31
Open up your open house! 5 tips for ensuring everyone has access
Homebuyers have different needs. You can bring inclusiveness to your open house in order to open the doors to individuals with disabilities
by Amanda Deering Oct 31
You have seconds to win prospects over. Here's what to say
Real estate prospects want to hang up. Follow these 5 steps, and you'll win them over in those first precious seconds
by Carl Medford Oct 26
words, letters, terms, phrases, glossary
Choose your words wisely. They truly do set the course for your journey. Focus on your ideal clients and how you can best serve them
by Jimmy Burgess Oct 13
10 essentials for effective negotiating in today's market
The past 2 years in real estate were like a party that just kept going. Here's how to navigate what's next
by Cara Ameer Oct 10
Happier email is a cinch with Happy Grasshopper: Tech Review
This is messaging software that goes beyond the fundamental metrics of open rates and click-throughs to determine what resonates with recipients and how that content leads to stronger relationships
by Craig C. Rowe Sep 30
Here are the 5 things agents must master during a market shift
Top Keller Williams and eXp Realty team leaders Jim Roche and Terrence Murphy share how leaders can guide agents to success during a slowdown, at the Inman Connect Now virtual event
by Marian McPherson Sep 22
Team in a summer slump? Turn to the Extreme Pareto Principle
You know it as the 80-20 rule, but have you actually lived by it? The extreme version challenges you to narrow your focus further for big rewards
by Adam Hergenrother Aug 18
thank you
Showing your clients that you care about them can sometimes be a struggle. These easy-to-execute gestures will show your customers they are number one in your book
by Jimmy Burgess Aug 12
4 metrics that matter: Daily tasks for greater agent productivity
If you are not sure how your business is stacked at the moment, you need to measure these four metrics. Finding your footing in a shift doesn't have to be bittersweet
by Adam Hergenrother Aug 12
Crunch the numbers, be the expert: 6 steps for letting your economic prowess lead
Real estate agents who can provide accurate, up-to-date and meaningful market data can become the agent of choice when local buyers and sellers decide to move. Here's how
by Carl Medford Aug 11
Let's talk: Nail the forgotten art of the buyer consult
Mastering the buyer's consult establishes credibility with clients and helps agents find the most motivated buyers with the highest intent to transact
by Tom Toole Jul 27
Cheat Sheet: 9 essential real estate reads you need right now
Short on time for reading? Check out this cheat sheet for the best real estate reads for your business and get inspired in a flash
by Jimmy Burgess Jul 26
Has your pipeline caught a cold? Best cures for reviving your CRM
If the market shift has stalled out your CRM, it may be time to reset. Not sure where to start? We are here to diagnose and cure your CRM woes
by Rachael Hite Jul 25
Are you truly a market pro? 3 ways to stand out in a sea of agent 'experts'
If everyone in the market is an expert, how do you stand out in a crowd? The secret lies in building your public profile and going above and beyond for your community
by Victoria Kennedy Jul 19
Your local housing market is complicated. Know your numbers, and use your words
Do you know how to explain the difference between a national and a local market stat to your client? The words you choose can make all the difference
by Teresa Boardman Jul 19
Going on vacation?  Use this checklist before you disconnect
You have your flip flops and have packed the SPF, but did you remember to check on your business? Here are the most important things you need to know before you roll out on vacation
by Rachael Hite Jul 15
3 ways to keep the door open to homeownership for discouraged buyers
If your potential buyers are ready to give up, don't let them throw in the towel yet. Try these three strategies to help open up new opportunities in a challenging market
by Laura Adams Jul 14
Is your 2022 business plan holding up? Time for a reboot
Many agents are taking a beat to rethink their business plans they wrote at the beginning of 2022. Is your plan ready to shift with the market?
by B. J. Sonderman Jul 8
3 trends poised to disrupt the real estate landscape
From blockchain to proptech, and everything in between, there's always something new on the real estate horizon. Here are the trends that are currently changing the game
You are your brand: How I went from MMA fighter to award-winning Realtor
Do you have what it takes to win in the rough-and-tumble world of real estate? Learn how this current team leader and former MMA champ built his brand and took his business from nothing to No. 1 in just a few years
by Paul Domenech Jul 7
Forget what you know about retirees. Here's what they're looking for now
Don't be discouraged if your newly retired homebuyer clients are taking their time. These clients know what they want and are willing to wait for the perfect home
by Luke Babich Jul 7
Don't leave money on the table: 3 tips for listing agents in a cooling market
Lady luck has nothing to do with that stellar price that smart agents snag for their sellers. Here are just a few strategies to help your sellers come out on top in this cooling market
by Julie Busby Jul 7
7 proven strategies to create referrals when your pipeline is frozen
Does your pipeline feel frozen despite the summer heat? These 7 proven referral source strategies are certain to put some heat back into prospecting efforts
by Oliver Graf Jul 5
Buyers are still competing. Here's how to best help them
Everyone understands a buyer can get cold feet or buyer’s remorse in a changing market, so demonstrating commitment is paramount
by Mark Choey Jul 1
Why real estate offers the biggest opportunity to new tech companies
The real estate industry is ripe for innovation. As agents continue to struggle to solve big and small problems, new tech is always welcome
by Georg Chmiel Jun 24
Going beyond Pride: Practical ways to be an ally all year long
Pride is not just a once of year celebration, it should be recognized year-round. Read on as one agent shares their personal story of hope and the courage to speak up for better
by Nicholas Acosta Jun 24
How to help women and minorities in real estate rise 
Leaders have to intentionally create space and structure for minorities on their team to have an equitable experience. This responsibility has the opportunity to create a lasting impact for your brokerage
by Rainy Hake Austin Jun 21
5 tips for starting a coaching program at your brokerage
Coaching encompasses a constant evolution of learning and implementation to help agents build their businesses. As many teams shift from professional development into coaching, these strategies can help
by Christian Barnes Jun 16
How to convert leads so you’re eligible for exclusive lead networks
Many agents are searching for leads to bump themselves out of a summer sales slump. Not just any agent can qualify for exclusive leads where conversion metrics matter, but here are a few tips to give yourself a leg up
by Chris Heller Jun 14
Customers are telling us what they want. We need to listen
Today's consumers are not shy about voicing what they want, and savvy agents know how important it is to listen
by Kris Lindahl Jun 14
How to execute on giving your team what they need to grow
Can your team thrive with their current support system? Strong leaders know that agents need tech and tools that work to achieve measurable growth
by Mauricio Umansky Jun 13
6 steps to increase diversity in both your office and business plan
Studies show that businesses that embrace diversity are more successful than their competitors. Team leaders should reevaluate their workplace and business plan for growth for today's modern consumer
Compensation frustration: Here are 9 alternatives to your non-compete
The truth hurts. Your non-compete may be holding your team back from retaining talent
by Donald "Dek" Bake Jun 13
7 core strategies for building a thriving business
The process of growing a thriving real estate business is systematic when the proper strategies are matched with consistent execution. Identify the ideal strategies for you, go all in executing those strategies, and the success you’ve been searching for is inevitable
by Jimmy Burgess Jun 12
5 low or no cost ideas for thrifty 1st year real estate agents
Ouch! With inflation at an all time high, 2022 first-year agents may be feeling the burn more than their previous class. Read this to help create some room in your budget
by Darryl Davis Jun 11
5 gentle prospecting ideas for your team 
Soft skills can help maintain "good vibes" and stave away dated sales scripts that deter clients. These gentle prospecting tips can help you and your team sell homes with heart over hustle
by Darryl Davis Jun 9
5 must-have qualities and skills for showing a home
Do you have what it takes to impress buyers while showing homes? These are the five qualities your clients are looking for
by Santiago Arana Jun 7
Before you take the plunge: What to know before becoming a part-time agent
Ready to begin your real estate career by going part-time? Part-time agent Joel Lock offers his tried-and-true advice for agents taking the dual-career plunge
by Joel Lock Jun 6
Database on lock! Get more ROI with these CRM tips
If you’re looking for your business to grow in the future, the answer is in your database. It offers the ability to store client information, automate communication and provide prompt reminders
by Jimmy Burgess Jun 2
The iBuying lessons Jason Aleem is bringing to Redfin's sales team
After helping Redfin's iBuyer business navigate a period of change, Jason Aleem is now tasked with leading its sales team into the next era
by Daniel Houston Apr 13
Keller Williams Pres. Marc King has a plan for unproductive agents
Keller Williams President Marc King says the company has a TBA plan to help the 80% of agents who are underproducing level up — playing to the company's belief that the agent is always no. 1
by Marian McPherson Apr 11
Inman Connect New York
Are you ready to grow your real estate business? Connect with the smartest real estate pros and learn their secrets at ICNY
by Jodie Cordell Mar 22
Inman Connect Now Series
Tim Heyl shares his insights on what's ahead and how to prepare at Inman Connect Now
by Jodie Cordell Mar 16
Inman Connect Now Series
Learn how you can best serve your clients in today's market at Inman Connect Now
by Jodie Cordell Mar 15
Running a real estate business requires you to excercise many of the same mental muscles that runners do when they train
by Jimmy Burgess Mar 6
Vacasa's 35,000 homes get tech upgrades, including keyless entry
The company says the improvements provide a win-win for guests and homeowners, as well as the communities in which the rental homes reside
by Taylor Anderson Feb 24
How to work with any personality type
Successful real estate agents can identify and adapt to different personality types. That helps to ensure a fruitful relationship over the course of the transaction
by Kathy Zorn Feb 23
Why buyers really aren’t liars
They may think they know what they want, but it takes a savvy agent to help buyers hone in on their deepest desires
by Bernice Ross Feb 3
How to protect and leverage your database
Staying top-of-mind is all about staying in touch. Here's how savvy agents reach out on a regular basis to their database
by Tom Toole Jan 31