Opendoor founder Eric Wu leaving company to focus on startups
Wu founded Opendoor in 2014 and served as the company's chief executive officer until last year. He said in a statement that he's leaving to focus on building new things
by Jim Dalrymple II Dec 15
Opendoor to double the number of homes it buys each month: CEO
CEO Carrie Wheeler told Intel that Opendoor wants to purchase 2,000-plus homes per month and that the company is leaning into partnerships like the ones it has with Zillow and eXp
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 8
Opendoor can't hang on to profitability as Q3 revenue craters
The iBuyer saw revenue fall 71% year over year in the 3rd quarter of 2023. The company also lost $106M — a reversal from Q2's net profit
by Jim Dalrymple II Nov 2
It's the most perilous time of year to overprice a home: Opendoor
Nearly 1 in 4 homes that were overpriced at listing will end up being delisted in the slower fall months, according to a new report
by Daniel Houston Oct 5
EXp streamlines ExpressOffers iBuyer program with Opendoor deal
Opendoor is now the primary cash-offer solution behind eXp's ExpressOffers platform. Agents will soon be able to request a cash offer on qualified properties directly through an eXp dashboard
In crucial Q2, real estate separated wheat from the chaff: Intel analysis
The biggest publicly traded brokerages and tech companies significantly slashed losses in the second quarter, restoring investor confidence, according to an Intel analysis of Q2 earnings data
by Daniel Houston Aug 16
Real estate is having its Blockbuster vs. Netflix moment
At Inman Connect Las Vegas, real estate strategist Mike DelPrete explained the 'unfair advantage' of the low-fee business models and how agents are the ultimate solution
by Marian McPherson Aug 8
The ultimate guide to Inman Connect Las Vegas 2023
So you've decided to join us at Inman Connect Las Vegas. Bravo! Here's a day-by-day breakdown of the conference along with some tidbits to get the most out of your week in Sin City
by Marian McPherson Aug 8
Opendoor rebounds with profitable Q2 despite steep revenue decline
The iBuyer sold fewer homes and brought in less cash than it did during the same period in 2022, but it still managed to land in the black to the tune of $23M, according to Q2 earnings on Thursday
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 3
Offerpad scoops up more homes in Q2 as path to profitability emerges
Having unloaded almost all of its older inventory, the iBuyer ramped up home acquisitions by 131%, to 840 homes, in the second quarter of 2023 and expects positive adjusted earnings by year's end
by Matt Carter Aug 2
The stories and trends that defined a whirlwind first half of 2023
Intel takes a look back at the market trends, brokerage strategies, Wall Street happenings and legal controversies that shook the past 6 months and could well define the remainder of 2023
by Marian McPherson Jul 5
Zillow and Opendoor expand partnership to 11 new markets
The former rivals are now jointly providing cash offers to consumers in a total of 16 markets, most of them spread out across the Sunbelt, according to an announcement Thursday
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 1
5 key charts that illuminate real estate's Q1 earnings season
Most publicly traded real estate companies continued to bleed money in the first chunk of 2023. These metrics help explain why investors aren't panicking
by Daniel Houston May 17
Real estate stocks are suddenly and finally on fire
Redfin, Opendoor and Compass have all seen their share prices rally in recent days — suggesting that after years of the cold shoulder investors are warming to the sector
by Jim Dalrymple II May 11
Mike DelPrete breaks down iBuyer Opendoor's effort to right the ship
The dominant iBuyer has taken extraordinary steps to survive this period of upheaval, writes real estate analyst Mike DelPrete, who dug deeper into last week's Q1 earnings exclusively for Intel
by Mike DelPrete May 10
Opendoor CEO Carrie Wheeler on Q1 earnings and the iBuyer's future
The chief executive of the largest iBuyer spoke to Inman about Opendoor's first-quarter earnings on Thursday — and expectations that the company is turning a corner after a rough 2022
by Jim Dalrymple II May 5
Opendoor avoids epic 2022 losses in Q1, but revenue remains down
The iBuying giant saw revenue dip 39% year over year at the beginning of 2023, according to a Q1 earnings call Thursday. It also sold and bought fewer homes compared to the beginning of 2022
by Jim Dalrymple II May 4
In total, the company cut 560 positions, according to a statement Opendoor provided to Inman. The cuts, which were announced internally Tuesday morning, mostly focused on operations roles
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 18
As iBuyers struggle, agents rethink relationships with cash-offer kings
IBuyers like Opendoor and Offerpad once appeared poised to be an essential player in the nation's biggest housing markets. Now, real estate agents say their role has diminished dramatically
by Ben Verde Apr 12
Cash to burn: Do real estate's big players have enough in the bank?
Real estate businesses burned through billions in cash last year. Intel breaks down the biggest companies with the least wiggle room as economic uncertainty stretches into 2023
by Daniel Houston Apr 5
Opendoor and Zillow expand partnership into 3 new markets
The firms said they would expand into Houston, Phoenix and Dallas. The expansion follows the group’s February announcement that they would offer their joint service in Atlanta and Raleigh
by Taylor Anderson Mar 15
Real estate took a drubbing in Q4, but some companies still surprised
Brokerages, tech companies and mortgage providers all saw massive losses as the market soured at the end of 2022. But some leaders did have a few tricks up their sleeves
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 2
Blame it on the 'volatile housing market': Your Q4 2022 earnings roundup
As companies report their Q4 and full-year earnings, industry-watchers read the tea leaves for indications of what’s working now — and what’s likely to happen next
by Christy Murdock Mar 1
Proptech has reached an inflection point. So, like, what happens now?
Disruptive sales models, lead aggregators and search products have transformed proptech into a true marketplace while freeing venture capitalists up to become more than mere power brokers
by Craig C. Rowe Mar 1