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Automabots warms up buyer and seller leads 'til they're hot

Tool in beta will officially launch in 2017 to help agents capture clients
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  • The use of bots is growing quickly across an array of industries.
  • Real estate agents shouldn't see bots as a threat to relationship-building.
  • Automabots is a monthly bot subscription in beta until just after the new year. The bot communicates with leads via Facebook messenger to filter homes on the MLS and talk to sellers about average list prices.
  • The service includes artificial intelligence assistants for both buyers and sellers and will eventually feature a CRMBot, DigitalMarketingBot and TransactionBot for a full real estate suite.

During the initial interaction, the BuyerAgentBot draws out users’ preferred ZIP codes, price, number of beds and baths, and communities they’re interested in to populate a relevant list of homes, which are pulled directly from the MLS, current to the last hour.