A Social Strategy
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Does ‘A Social Strategy’ hold up to the digital scheduling giants?

Publishing tool aims to help agents with the what, how and when of social media marketing
  • A Social Software uses mobile and email alerts to remind users of the best time to publish.
  • The software currently has limited publishing capabilities, lacking a video upload or creation feature, but is more affordable than its competitors with a cost starting at $9 per month.
A Social Strategy
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. A Social Strategy is a website for helping businesses know when and what to publish on social media. Platforms: Browser-based, mobile-optimized Ideal for: Any and all agents using social media for sales and branding Top selling points Alerts user to best publishing times Includes most trending news/social content Ease of use Affordable Top concerns Lacking many features common to social media management tools What you should know A Social Strategy was released just over a week ago with a minimal amount of features but just enough to warrant a real estate agent's attention. There's potential here. The service allows agents to link their social accounts and choose which lines of business and interests will resonate most with their audience. A Social Strategy then uses a calendar connection to notify users when it's the best time to ...