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Does the MyHouseHas app beat handwritten listing notes?

Digital system makes it easy to check-off home and room amenities as agents tour new listings
My House Has
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  • MyHouseHas for iOS and Android uses a simple electronic form process to record home features during listing appointments and tours.
  • Apps have become so prevalent that only the best of breed remain in use after a few months.

MyHouseHas is an easy app for real estate agents to collect data and create PDFs for new listings.

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MyHouseHas is an app that records home features for listing collateral.

Platforms: Android; iOS
Ideal for: All agents

Top selling points

  • Ease of use
  • Recording data at point of engagement
  • Fortifies client relationship
  • Automatic PDF creation

Top concerns

  • Integrating the data sheets with branding and marketing materials
  • Redundancy with MLS data entry

What you should know

MyHouseHas is essentially a digital form creator built specifically for real estate marketing. The app allows real estate agents to collect home data as they tour new listings.

New users to the app enter basic account and contact info upon initiation, including a headshot and company logo. Every listing sheet generated will display those assets.

A new property sheet that’s easy to populate can be up and running in a few taps.


Listing details

Users can add additional data for nearby schools and any HOA information that’s available. The form will adjust for condo listings by adding in fields for when dues are paid and estimated amounts.

The app comes with a library of room types that users add and populate during a home tour. This provides a good impetus to probe clients for information about rooms, such as when any renovations were done or special features that will help the listing appeal to the market.

Each room description can be bolstered by the included list of features and details for windows, lighting, floors, materials and dimensions.

Moreover, a completed feature sheet can be shared immediately with stakeholders.

Visuals and user experience

The app itself is clinical; there isn’t much fun to be found in its use. But I’d consider the argument that MyHouseHas is more about capturing information at the point of client engagement than improving an agent’s work experience. I suppose it doesn’t have to be “pretty.”


Clients should be impressed by this kind of rapid digital capture process, and it also provides a clean form from which office admins can enter data into the MLS.


I worry a little about this app being able to justify the minor efficiencies it offers.

As much as I despise paper, is MyHouseHas that much faster than pre-existing property data sheets so many offices already use for new listings?


I can snap a photo of a completed form and create a PDF in seconds with CamScanner.

Can it stand up against a free, dynamic form builder like JotForm, which has 119 existing real estate form templates?

I’m cautiously optimistic about MyHouseHas. But like the subject of the information it captures, the market will decide what comes of it.

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