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SnapNHD generates Natural Hazard Disclosures for California agents

  • California agents can conveniently order Natural Hazard Disclosures via text with SnapNHD's text bot, Snappy. Reports only include disclosures that are legally required to limit liability risk for agents.
  • The company donates $1 from every report ordered by Pacific Sotheby's Realty to assist a Tijuana housing project.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. SnapNHD provides comprehensive Natural Hazard Disclosures reports via the web or text message. Platforms: Web; text message via Android, iOS Ideal for: All California agents Top selling points Ease of use Elegant user interface Text-bot order via "Snappy" Digital signatures Top concerns Less tech-savvy agents may prefer current resources for obtaining NHDs. What you should know This is one of those cases where a software company identified an antiquated solution to a problem and built a product to modernize it. SnapNHD is the fast, web-driven solution to a bureaucratic but necessary process for real estate agents in California. For those outside the Golden State, SnapNHD nicely summarizes the issue: "The Natural Hazards Disclosure Act under Sec. 1103 of the California Civil Code states that real estate seller and brokers are legally ...