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'Ingage' listing presentation prospects with interactive iPad software

Swap your dated PowerPoint for a video-rich story on your tablet
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  • Ingage by ScrollMotion is designed for the iPad to dramatically present and share business and listing content.
  • App connects with MailChimp, Dropbox, Box and Shutterstock to ensure easy access to visual assets and content.
  • Finding new ways to present information can help agents stand out when competing for a new clients.

Listing presentation product Ingage deftly maneuvers video, text and images to help real estate agents bolster their impact on prospects.

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Ingage by ScrollMotion is interactive presentation software for iPads.

Platforms: iOS
Ideal for: Agents looking to improve their listing presentation; those who hold a lot of open houses

Top selling points

  • Ready-to-go templates
  • Integration of video
  • Web-ready versions for non-iPad audience
  • Access to Dropbox and Box for images, video

Top concerns

  • Over-reliance on software above general presentation skills. Even the sharpest visuals require human interaction.

What you should know

Listing presentation product Ingage deftly maneuvers video, text and images to help real estate agents bolster their impact on prospects.

The app is quick to install and begin using, though it does require some learning curve for those not totally versed in the iPad interface.

If you’re like me, you eschew support and Help pages, opting instead to dive in and learn experientially. I find that’s the best way to learn creative tools.

Nevertheless, I acquiesced and tapped into a couple of the tutorials.

I recommend having a Dropbox, Box, or at least a photo album on your iPad that allows access to visual assets, like a company logo, team photo and, of course, the property images and documents you want to include in a presentation.

Once asset sharing is ready, creating a story is easy. Backgrounds, text, images and layouts can be adjusted within a few taps. Ingage allows for presentations to have “sections.” Each section depicts a division of subject.

In a listing presentation, for example, a user can create sections for marketing strategy, an agent’s background, previous sales and staging tips.

Each section can be enhanced by one of the many effects tools inherent to Ingage.

ScrollMotions are interactive videos that are manipulated by tapping the screen or dragging a finger to move forward, backward, pause or play.

Videos can also be played silently behind text and titles for a more engaging backdrop.

This feature is all about “visual cool,” and it beats clicking a keyboard to advance a slide.

I find it also makes good on the software’s promise to make presentations more interactive instead of flat, click-and-watch slide progressions.

The Compare tool is good for graphs and before-and-after shots. This feature lets users import two images on top of one another and scroll between them like a horizontal window shade to demonstrate action, ideal for demonstrating staging benefits or showing market statistics.

Another sharp component to Ingage is its Points of Interest function.

Points of Interest are touchable hot buttons on an image that reveal information requiring emphasis.

This is a great way to showcase a high-end range in the kitchen, a great view from the master bedroom deck or a the ornate finishes surrounding a staircase.

Ingage has integrated MailChimp email capture to ensure that presentations shared online do more than entertain your audience when emailed, shared to Facebook, a web-page or put on LinkedIn.

In summary, there are number of reasons why agents should consider a tool like Ingage. Here are five:

  1. Justify a new iPad Pro purchase
  2. Avoid pre-presentation dread from prospects after you tell them you have a PowerPoint
  3. Smooth, interactive visuals pull-in an audience
  4. Differentiate your listing presentation
  5. Create a powerful open house overview

I’m a fan of new ways to share information, and Ingage can be a great way for real estate agents to do just that.

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