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‘Ingage’ listing presentation prospects with interactive iPad software

  • Ingage by ScrollMotion is designed for the iPad to dramatically present and share business and listing content.
  • App connects with MailChimp, Dropbox, Box and Shutterstock to ensure easy access to visual assets and content.
  • Finding new ways to present information can help agents stand out when competing for a new clients.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Ingage by ScrollMotion is interactive presentation software for iPads. Platforms: iOS Ideal for: Agents looking to improve their listing presentation; those who hold a lot of open houses Top selling points Ready-to-go templates Integration of video Web-ready versions for non-iPad audience Access to Dropbox and Box for images, video Top concerns Over-reliance on software above general presentation skills. Even the sharpest visuals require human interaction. What you should know Listing presentation product Ingage deftly maneuvers video, text and images to help real estate agents bolster their impact on prospects. The app is quick to install and begin using, though it does require some learning curve for those not totally versed in the iPad interface. If you're like me, you eschew support and Help pages, opting instead to dive in and le...