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KardZee promises personalization and professionalism in its postcard creation app

Agents who use direct mail to market should give this iPhone app a look
  • Direct mail remains a highly effective marketing and customer follow-up tactic.
  • This iPhone app lets users embed links to videos that are later accessed via text shortcodes.
  • Gift cards are printed directly onto mailings via a patent pending process.
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. KardZee is a service that lets real estate agents create and mail custom postcards. Platforms: iOS app; browser-based Ideal for: All agents and teams Top selling points Fast and efficient Custom handwriting-based font Postcards with direct links to videos Easy integration with major brand gift cards Top concerns It's fast and easy, but so are many other postcard mailing services today. Consider the benefits of other services before starting or switching to KardZee. What you should know KardZee wasn't started for real estate agents, but it's a terrific fit for agents who want to mail personal, professional post-closing congratulations, open house invitations and follow-ups to new leads. Users can create a completely personalized handwriting font by tracing over each letter of the alphabet to create an "analysis." The process turns your finge...