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SweepBright is the mobile agent's new marketing partner

New app developed in Belgium is a mobile marketing powerhouse
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  • App tracks all communication straight through to offers and keeps track of price adjustments, documents, floorplans and more.
  • App's user interface earns high marks, as does its portal and web publishing efficiencies

SweepBright is an app for agents to market listings and cultivate leads.

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Sweepbright is a listing marketing and lead cultivation app.

Platforms: iOS; Browser web companion app
Ideal for: Agents in tight, fast-moving markets; boutique independents, tech-driven offices.

Top selling points

  • Superb interface
  • Internet data exchange (IDX) connection
  • Easy publishing to website, social and portals
  • Dotloop integration

Top concerns

The app is marketed as a way to “run your business.” It’s more of a way to market and communicate about listings. This isn’t a tool for transaction management, accounting, or agent oversight, for example.

What you should know

I was expecting Belgium-based SweepBright to be a full-fledged mobile agency management solution, given its company messaging.

However, I wasn’t at all disappointed to learn that the software would be more accurately described as a listing promotion and sales app … because it’s really good at promoting listings and helping agents sell them.

SweepBright, which also has an office in New York City, uses multiple listing service (MLS) IDs to import inventory and quickly get it disseminated to your contacts and internet audience.

Of particular note is that the company didn’t launch a minimally viable product skeleton into beta and hope to build a better body around user feedback.

Instead, SweepBright came out fully dressed for the mobile-first party; the emphasis on user experience is evident from initial login.

The app beautifully leverages an array of interface mechanisms, overlapping sliders, toggle switches and wide, thumb-ready icons in their most appropriate environments.

Every listing can be intricately managed using a sliding “room condition” scale and by uploading an array of companion images and videos.

The listing pages imported via MLS accounts can be considerably augmented once in SweepBright. And when a listing is ready to go, one tap starts a new loop on an associated dotloop account.

Before you select which outreach channels to send a new listing, SweepBright will have already alerted you to any buyer matches that exist within your contact list.

A name will appear alongside three icons: one for text, one for call and another for email. You can send it individually or choose to “Spam Again” (their words) to alert all of them at once.

Marketing channels to which you can publish a new listing include your SweepBright-provided website, Zillow, Facebook and Twitter. Realtor.com will soon be available as well.

If you choose not to have SweepBright build a website for you, they’ll happily construct the application programming interface (API) to ensure your listings end up on your current domain.

The company also works well with Zapier, the fast-growing app connection software.

You can be even more proactive by capturing images and video for sending to potential matches before officially announcing the property to the public.

Interested buyers can be scheduled for showings, and the app tracks all communications straight through to formal offers. It also monitors the who, what and when of visits to listings and your websites.

The app also keeps track of price adjustments, documents, floorplans, and recently included the API for Facebook Dynamic ads, which agents can use to promote multiple listings in the same ad.

SweepBright was developed and honed in Belgium, so there are some jargon discrepancies and workflow components that will stand out to American agents, but nothing at all that would dampen user appeal or be allowed to linger much longer.

The browser-app works in unison with the mobile version and is required to establish connections with your marketing channels. After that, however, your need for it will be minimal.

SweepBright is only a year or so old, but demonstrates the functionality of an app that’s been around for a while. I suspect everything in the iOS user interface will be emulated nicely in the pending Android release.

Agents juggling multiple online marketing tools or looking to increase prospect communication efficiency should be enticed by SweepBright.

I’m intrigued to learn what the collective technological insight of Inman readers thinks of it.

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