Agile Appraisal
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HouseCanary’s Agile Appraisal shortens appraisers’ busy work

  • Company's new suite of tools is designed to easily finalize a property's value and streamline the appraisal process.
Agile Appraisal
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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. HouseCanary's Agile Appraisal is a web-based platform for real estate appraisals. Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized for tablets Ideal for: Appraisers; lenders; real estate investors Top selling points Incorporation of HouseCanary data tools Pre-population of comparables data by inspectors Online dashboard for appraisal project management Top concerns Industry adoption. The appraisal industry remains challenged by a lack of practitioners and higher costs, especially in California. What you should know I wrote a few weeks ago about the launch of Agile Appraisal, having only spoken to the company about it and seen a few screenshots. I had a full look at the product last week, and now have a better understanding of its potential benefits for the appraisal industry. The underwriting process is the "dark zone" for homebuyers. It's the time du...