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Keyzz lets you easily send gifts to clients for any life event or occasion

App was developed by third-generation agent to integrate client retention practices taught to him by father and grandfather
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  • Client gift giving and personal attention remain fundamental aspects of managing and retaining clients.
  • Software solutions developed by agents are often done so in reaction to specific real estate business challenges, such as staying in touch after closing.
  • App has recently revamped user interface that reflects look and feel of a much bigger software developer.

Keyzz is an app with an integrated storefront for buying and sending client gifts, and it helps agents stay in touch with clients and manage day-to-day activities.

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Keyzz is an app that helps agents stay in touch with clients and manage day-to-day activities.

Platforms: iPhone; Android
Ideal for: Agents, teams looking to improve long-term client retention; those who focus on referral business

Top selling points

  • Simple user experience
  • Client Concierge in-app storefront
  • Developed by an agent
  • Milestone date reminders

Top concerns

Many existing customer relationship management (CRM) tools and apps already do what Keyzz does.

What you should know

Agents should give special consideration to apps developed by colleagues. After all, who knows better how to apply technology to your daily business challenges?

Keyzz was opened by third-generation agent Kyle Neumann of Ridgefield, Connecticut. Neumann wanted to use technology to capture the proven “old school” style of business his father and grandfather espoused.

In that respect, Keyzz fulfills its promises.

The app is centered around its Client Concierge feature, an online gift center that’s integrated with your contacts, imported directly from your phone, Outlook, Gmail and even a .CSV.

Keyzz users set the app to remind them of a wide range of client dates and events, such as closings, closing anniversaries, religious holidays and birthdays.

Neumann included a number of unique occasions in the app too, such as back-to-school dates, so agents can send a care package of classroom supplies to clients.

Reminders can be toggled on and off per client, and automated when a property’s status is changed from active to pending, or from pending to closed. The app also automates custom texts and emails.

Users can select different levels of reminder volume, from every day to once a week.

Again, the heart of the app is its storefront, connected to a number of specialty retailers and more than 80 postcard design options. Gift categories include wines, household goods, sweets, flowers, kitchen supplies and an array of similarly-themed vendors. The list is growing.

The storefront and reminder system are solid enough arguments alone to download Keyyz, especially for agents who want a simple, organized way to manage client retention efforts. Nuemann said he envisions his app as a way for an agent’s clients to get them more clients.

Additional functionality includes a map interface for organizing home tours. It’s nicely done, as is the entire app. It looks like an app developed by a much more tenured software company. For that, Neumann should be commended.

He told me during our demo that when you close a deal, you open an account. His app is designed to help you manage that account, and creating an app with that intent is a reason as sound as they come.

Keyzz is free and available now for both Android and iOS.

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