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Find out what really works and what smart home updates and upgrades have proven value, from security features to cleaning products
Dec 28
A Crestron smart home intergrator helps to ensure that your luxury client's investment in smart home technology pays off
Jul 8
A truly affordable smart home setup may be within the financial reach of most homeowners, with lighting and security features included
Jun 17
Tech is taking over design in the luxury market. Tour this futuristic home to see what you've been missing
Jun 9
If you're looking to add updated smart home elements to your home or your latest listing, smart switches may be a great place to start
Jun 7
Improving the look and lighting in a home doesn't have to be complicated. Check out these innovative uses for smart shades — tech-savvy solutions that homeowners can leverage
Apr 8
Improving your skills? Starting a book club? Here are the top real estate reads that'll help you get better at everything — from sharpening your communication chops to upping your Facebook advertising game
Jan 12
Every year, a slew of new real estate books come out that promise to help agents to become, well, even better agents. And every year, Brandon Doyle sifts through the titles to find the most worthwhile reads
Jan 12