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Customer relationship management, or CRM, has become a somewhat ubiquitous term slapped on any enterprise software system that more or less enhances the way we manage contacts. Thus, a well-designed Excel sheet could be a CRM. That said, it isn’t right to call Propertybase a CRM. It’s so much more.

Mar 9

Yesterday, I discussed in some verbosity Doorsteps, a Web-based homebuyer education platform that allows agents to virtually assist new buyers. Well, the company has an app, too, called Swipe.

Mar 6

Online tools like is why real estate agents need to start thinking differently about how they reach clients with technology. No longer is knowing average sale prices and assembling a nice listing presentation enough to become a market leader.

Mar 5

It’s probably time we admit it: Via laptop or smart watch, hotel Wi-Fi or smartphone, we are perpetually connected and forever Web-enabled. That said, with so many critical communications and vital transaction information being received and replicated, how well are we controlling the veracity of our information?

Mar 4

When it comes to your social media marketing, never try to make something viral. Instead, create content that is useful to people who need to know something about real estate. Don’t just randomly share.

Mar 3

Most people would agree that the person who knows it all isn’t that much fun to be around. And that’s who I think of when initially describing TopProducer CRM (customer relationship manager). Whatever question you have about its capabilities, there’s a feature with an answer.

Mar 2