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Today at Connect Now: Realogy CEO Ryan Schneider announced change to 'Anywhere' and rebranding campaign. What does it all mean?
May 19
This week, we were curious about your retirement plan or exit strategy, and boy did you deliver some great insights
May 18
For some agents and brokers, the very idea of negotiating commission is taboo. For others, negotiation, even on commission is always on the table, especially in hyper-competitive markets
May 11
We asked for feedback from the Inman community on the upcoming Supreme Court ruling and its potential impact. As always, you had plenty to say
May 5
People aren't always what they seem, and when trying to recruit talent, all sorts of 'guarantees' can come out. That's why we asked: What's the worst false promise a higher up made to you? Here's what you had to say
May 4
In a Linkedin post on Friday, Albertson, who navigated COVID's effect on editorial coverage and live events, struck an optimistic note while passing the torch to new CEO Emily Paquette
Apr 29
As we wound down Back to Basics Month and geared up for Teams, we asked (and you answered): What's the biggest mistake teams are making right now?
Apr 27
Last week, we asked readers about the things they wish they'd done, those they wish they'd avoided, and roads less traveled. Here are the regrets you identified
Apr 19