Jimmy's Stories

Can success really be achieved by consistently doing seven daily activities? It absolutely can. Execute on this plan, and you will get results
Dec 1
It's less than a week before turkey day, but you still have plenty of time to pull of personal, intentional thank yous for those who have impacted your business (and life) most
Nov 18
Don't make the same mistakes these top agents did and get these tasks on your to-do list now
Nov 11
It's the question everyone is asking right now, and the answer depends in part on your knowledge of the market and in part on the client's personal perspective
Nov 4
These underrated apps and tools can make you look seemingly flawless as you juggle the many aspects of your business with ease
Oct 28
The more you know, the more your bank account will grow
Oct 21
Choose your words wisely. They truly do set the course for your journey. Focus on your ideal clients and how you can best serve them
Oct 13
The more value you add to people on social media, the more connections and influence you will develop
Oct 7