Kristy's Stories

Speaking applications for Connect San Francisco are now open
Feb 6

Building a solid network is one of the most rewarding time investments a real estate professional can make. If done correctly, networking can be an avenue for gaining referrals, increasing production numbers and building valuable friendships with other professionals.

Sep 12

Redistribution of wealth, digital currency and the risks of climate change are just some of the many factors re-shaping the luxury real estate landscape. Is your business prepared for what lies ahead?

Sep 6

Following on the success of Inman’s Hacker Connect New York, a day-long event created by and for the real estate technology community, Hacker Connect will make its West Coast debut in San Francisco on Monday, August 7.

Jul 31

It will be a sensory experience of taste, touch, sight and sound. Alluring, sophisticated, provocative and contemporary, Infusion SF is located in the heart of San Francisco’s Union Square and just a few blocks from the Hilton Union Square.

Jun 20

On Thursday, October 19, 2017, former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss will take the stage at Inman Luxury Connect to reveal the “two words that transform any negotiation,” and provide attendees with everyday tactics they can use while negotiating with buyers and sellers.

Jun 13

Inman is proud to announce Platon, the world-renowned, award-winning photographer, will be taking the stage at Inman Connect San Francisco on Wednesday, August 9, for a keynote presentation.

May 9

Have a solution to solve a major problem in the industry? In the midst of bootstrapping your company vision now? Want to connect with others in the startup realm who are working relentlessly to get their products shipped or have already navigated the tricky waters of fundraising?

May 3