Marian's Stories

As home price growth outpaces wage growth, many buyers are moving away from the coasts in search of more affordable markets
Mar 30
While the increase was welcome, it’s still not as much as last year
Mar 28
On average, sellers are paying more than $18,000 to get their home off the market
Mar 27
Worries about the ability to save for a down payment or qualify for a mortgage are keeping would-be buyers and renters on the sidelines
Mar 27
Seattle, Las Vegas and San Francisco continue to experience year-over-year price gains of more than 10%
Mar 27
75 percent of New Yorkers have access to fresh food while only 6 percent of Oklahoma City residents can say the same
Mar 26
The program is geared toward borrowers who have good credit, but can't qualify for conventional loans due to other factors
Mar 23
Personal financial health and tracking for-sale and rental market trends is the key to answering the question: 'Should I buy?'
Mar 23