The price of lumber took a big dip to start the week, just the latest unexpected shift in the cost of building a new home
by Daniel Houston May 11
Contingency clauses are there to protect buyers and shouldn't be dropped lightly. Here's how agents can help advise clients navigating the tricky situations that offer-sweeteners can create
by Daniel Houston May 11
Intercontinental Exchange has agreed to acquire Black Knight, a mortgage-industry service provider, at a valuation of $13.1B, it was announced Wednesday
by Daniel Houston May 4
Buyers have watched mortgage rates shoot from 3% to 5% this year alone, and that common refrain — 'Is it really the best time to buy?' — is always top of mind for clients, agents told Inman
by Daniel Houston May 4
With its venture capital firm — the first-ever created by a multiple listing service — CRMLS will focus only on early-stage companies improving the broker and agent experience
by Taylor Anderson Apr 27
With $7M in Series A funding, the shared equity startup will launch a homebuyer solution that allows buyers to double their down payments
by Matt Carter Apr 27
The expanded program and a new buy-before-you-sell offer will be unveiled in Colorado and Utah in the next 2 weeks, followed by Arizona, Nevada and Idaho, executives told Inman exclusively
by Taylor Anderson Apr 14
Home affordability is an ever more elusive dream for many in today's market. Down payment assistance programs can be buyers' bridge to the reality of owning a home by overcoming the cash-to-close hurdle
After hovering near 3% for nearly 2 years, mortgage rates have rebounded faster than expected. But amid uncertainty, economists are divided on whether 5% rates are here to stay
by Daniel Houston Apr 7
Despite record-high prices, homes remain much more affordable for buyers than they were in 2006, but buying power has taken a big hit lately
by Daniel Houston Mar 30
Released Wednesday morning, the 5-point plan seeks to arm consumers with assistance, prevent algorithmic bias, cultivate a more diverse appraisal industry and leverage data for policymaking
by Ben Verde Mar 23
Approved by a bankruptcy judge Monday, the $126M sales price for 'The One' caps a decade-long saga of construction delays and price overruns. Approval came over objections from creditors
by Taylor Anderson Mar 22
It used to be that a condo was where you took a buyer who couldn’t pass a co-op board. Now, however, it's easier for developers to finance a condominium and simpler for buyers to apply
Realtor optimism can be necessary for survival, Brad Inman writes. But collective giddy confidence is frequently a sign that something is amiss. The herd occasionally can be wrong
by Brad Inman Mar 9
Severance pay arrives early. Work computers shut down. Former Better employees describe how they found out they were let go Tuesday
by Taylor Anderson Mar 9
Layoffs had been anticipated and numbered in the thousands. Workers reported receiving no advanced notice that they were laid off.
by Taylor Anderson Mar 8