The fall from 7.08% to 6.6% would save buyers approximately $100 a month on a median priced home, according to a report released Thursday from Redfin
by Taylor Anderson Nov 18
Central bank policymakers are trying to tame inflation while avoiding a deep recession. The home market could throw a wrench in those plans
by Daniel Houston Nov 16
Despite setbacks and uncertainties, multifamily investors can plan for the future by staying informed and open to the possibilities of change in the months ahead
by Michael Zaransky Nov 11
It's the question everyone is asking right now, and the answer depends in part on your knowledge of the market and in part on the client's personal perspective
by Jimmy Burgess Nov 4
Regulators order mortgage giants to eliminate upfront fees on many purchase loans in order to help first-time homebuyers of limited means, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said Monday
by Matt Carter Oct 25
While mortgage companies go all-in on layoffs and bemoan the state of the industry, they’re failing to provide truly helpful solutions that would reassure buyers and get them into homes
by Troy Palmquist Oct 18
Mortgage applications were more likely to be denied by lenders or withdrawn by homebuyers in census tracts where a higher share of buildings was at risk of future flooding
by Daniel Houston Oct 4
The acquisition and merger with Roscoe State Bank pave the way for the lender to provide new products, services and resources through advanced technologies
by Matt Carter Oct 3
A buyer looking at $500,000 houses in July would have seen their potential monthly payment fall by $177 in August, then rise by $328 since, according to a new analysis by Redfin
by Daniel Houston Sep 29
The Seattle-based listing giant announced the 3 top innovations that emerged from its annual competition for students of historically Black colleges and universities
by Daniel Houston Sep 22
What crypto players are still standing as the market sheds weaker competitors? Rich Hopen outlines what's next and what to expect in this Crypto Corner column
by Rich Hopen Sep 15
Purchase loan applications fell 29% from the same period last year, the result of rising rates that are double their levels from 2021, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s weekly index
by Daniel Houston Sep 14
Foreclosure notices have been on the rise in the past year, but actual bank repossessions remain scarce. That may be starting to change
by Daniel Houston Sep 8
United Wholesale Mortgage, the nation's biggest wholesale mortgage lender, is slashing rates and urging retail loan officers to defect to independent mortgage brokerages
by Matt Carter Sep 7
Gains in household real estate equity have far outpaced growth in US mortgage debt, according to new numbers from the Federal Reserve board
by Daniel Houston Sep 6
You can never know too much when it comes to making good financial decisions. CFP Jordan Curnutt has 5 habits that will help you learn about financial planning consistently
by Jordan Curnutt Aug 26