PIUS CEO tells Inman the company is operating 'on a smaller scale,' but a former REX agent insists those operations no longer include handling real estate transactions
by Andrea V. Brambila May 19
Technology is at its most useful when it is actively solving problems and making experiences more user-friendly — a rule that applies to real estate tech 
by Ben Verde May 19
Dr. Lisa Sturtevant will help Bright with 'critical business decisions around the company’s data assets' such as evaluating products and partnerships
by Andrea V. Brambila May 19
A week after announcing Realogy's rebrand as Anywhere, CEO Ryan Schneider shared his plan for beating Zillow at direct-to-consumer business on Thursday at Inman Connect Now
by Marian McPherson May 19
Company is hiring staffers in China for a ‘revolutionary’ real estate venture focused on improving the search for long-term rentals. Few other details are known
by Taylor Anderson May 19
Startup offers tenant placement services at a lower price, plans to roll out full suite of tech to make renting better for all parties
by Taylor Anderson May 17
Ability to retrieve quotes helps borrowers assess their options and streamlines the mortgage insurance process for lenders
by Matt Carter May 15
These apps can be game-changers, making your business finances streamlined, organized and even a little fun
by James Harris AND David Parnes May 7
Do you have buyers who are on the fence about writing an offer? Bernice Ross interviews Andrew Flachner of RealScout on how to get your buyers 'offer-ready'
by Bernice Ross Apr 27
Generating listings in today's competitive market can be done — as long as you have the marketing savvy and tech tools to help you. Bernice Ross spells out some top options to consider for your business
by Bernice Ross Apr 19
Creating an incredible experience for your agents takes thought and creativity. It starts with making them feel valued, connected and heard
by Mauricio Umansky Apr 13
Improving the look and lighting in a home doesn't have to be complicated. Check out these innovative uses for smart shades — tech-savvy solutions that homeowners can leverage
by Brandon Doyle Apr 8
Innovations in technology have already changed buyer behavior over the years. Find out how driverless vehicles may (or may not) continue the shift
by Carl Medford Apr 8
It’s time for the mortgage lending industry to move to an AVM-based appraisal model. There is too much room for error, especially in today's super-fast-paced market
by Bernice Ross Mar 31
Bryan Ellis will take over as chief revenue officer, while Arthur Chapin will join the company for the newly created role of chief growth officer
by Ben Verde Mar 30
With 3.6 billion people globally on social media, there is no better place to get eyes on your listings. Here's how to leverage those platforms and your audiences and convert them into closings
by Victoria Kennedy Mar 22