If you’ve established your website’s credibility, your site will start to look trustworthy to a cold visitor, and you’ll get people giving you their information. We are now going to set up some ads on Facebook to get more new visitors to your website.

by Tyler Zey | Nov 19
A step-by-step guide to setting up Facebook ads
by Tyler Zey | Nov 19

Managing social media profiles takes a great deal of effort, creativity and an understanding of the do’s and don’ts. Testing and measuring different content types is also essential to gain the greatest engagement possible.

by Avelyn Holcroft-Lewer | Nov 18
An on-going contribution is key to success
by Avelyn Holcroft-Lewer | Nov 18

In the rarefied air of luxury home marketing, the relatively high profit margins give agents and sellers the opportunity to take their marketing beyond hi-def photography, virtual tours and descriptive videos to real estate heights. The luxury real estate marketing startup Ruhm Inc. is betting big that there’s a market for ultra-refined, and expensive, real estate marketing.

by Paul Hagey | Nov 17

How hard is it to take care of that stinky cat box and dirty microwave, anyway?

by Kelly Kuhn-Wallace | Nov 17

Set up correctly, Facebook ads can dramatically drive your business; they can provide quicker results than SEO, social media and other organic marketing methods. But first, you need to establish your website as a credible authority.

by Tyler Zey | Nov 17
Part one: Establishing website credibility
by Tyler Zey | Nov 17
Must have tips before you outsource
by Avelyn Holcroft-Lewer | Nov 14

Attending the National Association of Realtors’ annual convention in New Orleans, Leigh Brown has been noticing that Realtors’ business cards almost always ask for referrals. Not only is it highly improbable that Realtors will get a referral from a stranger, but they always seem to word the request exactly the same way, Brown complains.

by Inman | Nov 12