Part 2: Truth in mortgage disclosure
by | Jul 18
HUD transferring RESPA authority to CFPB next week
by | Jul 14
Prospect Mortgage agrees to $3.1M fine, denies allegations
by | Jul 13
HUD: TransactionPoint 'sublicensing fees' violate RESPA
by | Jul 12
Part 1: Truth in mortgage disclosure
by | Jul 11
MBA: handling of closing costs inconsistent with RESPA
by | Jul 7
Bureau: More than 13K comments on draft forms for simplified mortgage disclosure
by | Jun 24
Rule would not require 20% down payments, say regulators
by | Jun 22
Pipe installation leaves lawn a disaster zone
by | Jun 20
Executive profile: J. Lennox Scott
by | Jun 17
Real estate team accused of false advertising, underpricing listings
by | Jun 10
Congress, interest groups form unlikely alliance to oppose plan
by | Jun 7
Household formation has plummeted and credit remains tight
by | Jun 6
Toronto Real Estate Board says it's moving to implement rule change
by | May 27
In some states, live-in girlfriend granted house, possessions
by | May 24