A tech-leaning, 100% commission brokerage, the company also sells its software separately to real estate agents
by Craig C. Rowe Mar 1
Reorzo integrates with Wordpress to deliver an AI chatbot, location-specific marketing reports and web pages
by Craig C. Rowe Dec 29
What started in 2005 has become the foundation for what is now a multifaceted business application that can benefit all levels of agents who hang a license at an @properties | Christie’s International Real Estate office
by Craig C. Rowe Oct 27
Rechat does a lot of what a lot of other apps do separately, consolidating a tech-stack for tech-savvy brokers wanting to provide a single point solution for lead nurture, brand-building, sales support and lightweight deal management.
by Craig C. Rowe Sep 8
The app's maker, BoxBrownie, claims that in blind testing, people couldn't tell the difference between a professional photograper's work and an photo taken with its app
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 28
Social media is a heavily trafficked category in real estate, and this is yet another entry into a crowded space that would require a lot of effort for an already established agent to switch platforms
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 2
A USPS report found that more than 70 percent of Gen X survey respondents feel mail is more personal than online digital communications. Forty-seven percent of millennial respondents said they took the action of visiting the website of a company sending them direct mail
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 27
Property Descriptions leverages 3 types of AI to create narratives using a number of tonal approaches, including, descriptive, playful, standard, professional and simple — in 50 languages
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 12
The campaign dubbed 'This is a Door' pays tribute to the unexpected possibilities that go along with turning a new chapter in life, such as weddings, having babies and adopting new pets
by Ben Verde Jan 19
DO AudioTours is being rolled out nationally by Exit Realty, marking the product's first enterprise deal, and a significant technological investment by Direct Offer
by Craig C. Rowe Aug 5
Remember that marketing is a long-game, and now's the time to focus heavily on brand and message consistency. This software can help you do that
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 1
Studies show that businesses that embrace diversity are more successful than their competitors. Team leaders should reevaluate their workplace and business plan for growth for today's modern consumer
Although there's no doubt Maxa is a great solution for in-house design teams and marketing managers, its intent was to hand over creative services directly to agents
by Craig C. Rowe May 9
Bring your confident self and exceptional service to every client opportunity. From there, follow these steps to devise an effective listing presentation that will have you winning listings like a champ
by Rainy Hake Austin Apr 25
Despite a bland user interface, the star of +AdStudio plus is PressLeads, a feature that builds ad campaigns around organic press mentions and feature stories. This is a natural overlap for Lion & Orb, given its core competency
by Craig C. Rowe Apr 1
Flipsnack is a very cool, inspired marketing investment any brokerage serious about standing out should consider. There's almost nothing it can't create to make you look professional, tech-savvy and brand-forward
by Craig C. Rowe Mar 28