If you can't help but wonder about the future of real estate, we invite you to share your 2022 forecast here!
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Last week, we asked you all to share your top client gift ideas. Here, readers share their top picks. If you haven't weighed in, please do
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The best thing you can do is believe in your strengths as an indie broker and get rid of the perception that you cannot compete with franchise brokers
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Last year, Dudum Real Estate Group made headlines when it hired nearly two dozen agents from Compass. Its broker-owner Julie Del Santo discusses how it came together
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Last week, we asked readers: When it comes to your business, how are you making the most of Thanksgiving? Here's what our readers reported
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'Cards get stacked against indies,' said Thad Wong, @properties co-founder and co-CEO, during Connect Now when discussing the challenges of being an independent brokerage
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An independent brokerage looking to expand needs to consider quality over quantity — quality in character, culture and reputation. Here are a few ways to maintain your brokerage’s core mission while taking your business to new heights
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As a Realtor and broker-owner of Boardman Realty, Teresa Boardman has vast experience working in and running an independent brokerage. Here's her take on what it's like to be an indie broker and what the future might look like
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How has the business changed for you, and how are you adapting to those shifts? That's what we asked readers last week, and here's what you had to say
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The acquisition will grow Colorado-based West + Main Homes by more than 130 agents and is set to be finalized by the end of 2021
This month, we’ll delve into what’s working — and what's not — for indies in 2021, with an eye toward next year too. Stay with us to find out insights from top brokers and how you can grow your business with just as much success
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From where the market is headed to how to succeed with authenticity in marketing and branding, Luxury Connect in Las Vegas packed a punch. Inman unpacks the big event
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The Villa Aurora in Rome contains the only mural that Italy's best-known baroque painter — Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio — ever completed
More than a dozen agents weighed in with Inman in October on what 'luxury' means in the wake of a life-threatening virus, economic uncertainty and a rapidly growing wealth gap
Stacie Staub and Elmer Morales talk about hiring slow and firing fast and the importance of sticking with a business model
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Independent broker-owners Jena Turner and Serena Lowden share the best way to budget and how investing in staff leads to a gold mine
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