'California, Nevada and Hawaii represent our largest market, and we are thrilled to have Wendy onboard to lead our teams and agent entrepreneurs in this key market,' CEO Robert Reffkin said
by Ben Verde Today 1:12 P.M.
As we launch into Leadership Month here at Inman, we're asking you: What does leadership look like today?
by Inman Jan 31
Although AI isn’t likely to replace agents any time soon, those who fail to embrace these powerful tools will lose significant market share to those who do
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AI will impact the real estate industry and improve efficiency in many areas. However, there are certain aspects of the industry that will remain unchanged
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Charting your course is essential for navigating effectively. Create a set of beliefs and practices to help your company navigate through the unknown waters of the market
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From inspiration to education, you can find all the fuel your brain needs from these YouTube channels
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Inflation and rising interest rates tilted the housing market off its axis in 2022. Here's the story of one woman who joined the ranks of real estate agents last year — and thrived amid the chaos
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Whether you’re going all in on video in 2023 or creating your first, these ideas will get you in front of more potential clients, position you as the local expert and get your creative juices flowing
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The best real estate books include real-world stories and actionable advice. Curate your reading list for 2023 with these suggestions
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With the tagline, 'The right agent can lead the way,' the campaign includes broadcast spots and digital assets that show RE/MAX agents are equipped to help consumers through any market
by Lillian Dickerson Jan 17
In good times and bad times, there are some folks you can just count on. You told us about those who have made a difference in your career
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Showing gratitude isn't something to do just at the holidays. Make it part of every day to grow and nurture your network
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It's a new year, but women agents still face decades-old challenges. Make these strategic moves to elevate your career and support women in the housing industry
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Uncertainty is putting pressure on real estate agents' databases. Hot leads have simmered, and suddenly business is harder to come by. That's why referrals are more valuable than ever
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When markets get tough, and 2023 is certainly shaping up that way, it's the professionals who come out in the winner’s circle while the amateurs are left standing on the sidelines
by Carl Medford Jan 11
You've got 365 days to work with in 2023. Whatever your circumstances, that adds up to (at least) 365 opportunities in the coming year
by Teresa Boardman Jan 11