As law firms target real estate agents with Facebook ads inviting them to join class-action lawsuits against brokerages, California Association of Realtors (CAR) is telling agents not to join
by Patrick Kearns | Jun 7
Warburg Realty is teaming up with Adfenix to execute social media marketing for all of the brokerage's listings
by Jim Dalrymple II | Mar 29
The charges state Facebook's advertising platform 'unlawfully discriminates based on race, color, national origin, religion, familial status, sex, and disability'
by Patrick Kearns | Mar 28
The sales and marketing platform announces it will only communicate on Instagram for the rest of March as it unveils new services for The Gram
by Craig C. Rowe | Mar 20
Luxury Portfolio International has teamed up with Adwerx to create sticky online ads for high-end listings
by Jim Dalrymple II | Mar 11
The search platform now lets agents shoot and edit videos, which can then be pushed to different social networks
by Jim Dalrymple II | Mar 11
Agents can create customizable videos in just 4 steps with a new platform from the real estate franchisor
by Patrick Kearns | Jan 14
Online advertisers will no longer be allowed to exclude audiences based on ethnicity, race, religion or ZIP code
by Patrick Kearns | Aug 23
The pain-point-focused video ads can be seen in Opendoor’s 10 markets online as well as on TV in Raleigh
by Emma Hinchliffe | Jun 12
The U.S. division of the much-hyped company, which promises "low, fixed fees" for clients, says its marketing strategy is different stateside.
by Emma Hinchliffe | Mar 9
Make the most of your hard-earned ad dollars
by Brandon Jones | Feb 8
Real estate pro treats his network with the opportunity to explore the Big Apple
by Gill South | Dec 7
New feature automates ad campaigns and includes custom landing pages for each one
by Craig C. Rowe | Aug 18
Start off slow, building upon the previous successes you achieve
by Andrew Molz | May 2
The franchisor will also sponsor a show on HGTV, 'Good Bones'
by Marian McPherson | Mar 17