The leadership shuffle comes at a time when Matterport is suing its 3D tour rival GeoCV
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Addressing a critical op-ed, the real estate trade group strongly defends its actions and denies benefiting 'in any way' from DocuSign
... and what is new and around the bend?
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Firmware upgrade speeds up camera rotation to improve time-to-tour
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The industry vet says he has a three-year plan to keep Realtors 'ahead of the curve'
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Action is the only way to win over the Realtor community at large
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Camera can 'act as replacement for current 2-D photography solutions': CEO
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Carson addresses room full of Realtors at legislative conference to talk homeownership
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Pam Patenaude was floated as a candidate for HUD Secretary before the administration nominated Ben Carson
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The president-elect's nominee drummed up increased real estate industry support
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Trade group won vast majority of races it supported, but Realtor issues remain at risk
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Trade group's president, its chief economist and the SF Fed president share their thoughts
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Homebuyers can use virtual-reality goggles to explore 85K 3-D home tours
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What's the difference between the three and which is most effective when?
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Virtual reality makes walking up stairs a lot easier
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