Positive outlook clouded by the threat of impeachment
The Brexit deal, the negotiations with China and a new president of the European Central Bank are all good news
by Lou Barnes Oct 18
Average FICO scores hit all-time high
The credit reporting firm said this week that the average score has now hit 706, marking a dramatic turnaround from a decade ago when average scores bottomed out
by Jim Dalrymple II Sep 11
A recession is on the horizon: Keller Williams New York City CEO
Housing won't be to blame, and the recession won't be anything like 2008 for the industry, according to Mark Chin
by Patrick Kearns Aug 23
Case-Shiller: Home prices boom -- but it's not déjà vu
'Housing is not repeating the bubble period of 2000-2006,' says chairman of the Index Committee
by Caroline Feeney Jul 25
A Brexit pin
Data from realtor.com indicate that interest in buying a home overseas has dropped among UK residents
by Amber Taufen Apr 14
Brexit pin on a man's jacket
Decline in German and British activity on realtor.com maps to depreciating pound
by Teke Wiggin Sep 30
REBNY: NYC broker confidence declining amid national, foreign instability
REBNY says commercial and residential broker assurance in “slow decline” through the second quarter
by Jennifer Riner Aug 17
Boom or bust? What’s going on with luxury home prices
Redfin: luxury home prices held steady in the second quarter, but trends vary by city
by Inman Aug 9
Jobs and earnings rising -- but other data not so strong
The U.S. has created more than a half-million jobs in 60 days
by Lou Barnes Aug 8
The mortgage rate counter-move: Here's what it means

It is reassuring when the world behaves as it should. The last couple of weeks have been disconcerting — how such a huge decline in rates without a bounce-back? It’s okay now. Rates are rising. The jump last week had several propellants. The first is simply the nature of markets: any big move begets a counter-move.

by Lou Barnes Jul 18
A Gulfstream and Rolls Royce
The slowdown in the ultra-luxury real estate market is a product of various factors
by Kimberly Manning Jul 11
Payroll numbers up -- but nothing changed in rate plans
Long-term rates all over the world have been cruising lower
by Lou Barnes Jul 11
Chicago should see little impact from foreign investment slowdown
National Association of Realtors recently released a profile of international real estate buyers
by Kimberly Manning Jul 11
Brexit pin on a man's jacket
Brexit stirs things up abroad, domestic mortgages soften
by Britt Chester Jul 7
The European economic landscape -- post-Brexit
Where did the European Union come from, and what's the big deal about the breakup?
by Lou Barnes Jul 5