Real estate brokerage giant won't pursue $30M termination fee for acquisition failure
by Andrea V. Brambila Aug 13
Judge says Realogy, not SIRVA, violated terms of the deal. The ruling means the acquisition won't go forward, but Realogy can pursue a $30M termination fee
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 21
The amount of capital the firm is seeking to raise is equal to what it was going to sell Cartus' relocation services for
by Patrick Kearns Jun 8
Realogy argues that SIRVA is inappropriately citing the coronavirus pandemic as a reason for pulling out of an agreed-upon sale
by Patrick Kearns May 1
Realogy is suing Madison Dearborn Partners and SIRVA Worldwide to enforce the terms of the previously announced deal to sell Cartus’ relocation services branch
by Patrick Kearns Apr 27
In a transaction set to close in 2020, Realogy is selling the relocation arm, not including affinity programs, to SIRVA
by Byron Lazine Nov 15
CEO Ryan Schneider said he's open to divesting from other 'non-core' businesses during a panel discussion at the Stephens Nashville Investment Conference Thursday
by Patrick Kearns Nov 14
The loss was driven primarily by a $180M impairment at NRT, Realogy's own-side brokerage
by Patrick Kearns Nov 7
The sale will not include affinity programs like newly announced partnerships with Amazon, AARP
by Patrick Kearns Nov 7
The company is replacing the USAA program with its own in-house military rewards program, but it expects the ending of the USAA program will have a 'material impact' in 2020
by Patrick Kearns Aug 29
The news today that Amazon is tiptoeing into the real estate service territory should be of no surprise
by Brad Inman Jul 23
When you look at Realogy as a sum of its parts, the future is bleak. When you look at Realogy as a collection of individual assets, the stock is massively undervalued
by Glenn Felson Jul 22
With its impressive stock turn around, Zillow is stalking firms that can support its growing instant-offer biz model
by Brad Inman Jun 19
Katrina L. Helmkamp has 27 years of leadership experience at 5 global companies
by Marian McPherson Jun 15
The Realogy company will use 30 years of data to try and help clients anticipate the true costs of relocations