Cash buyers have upper hand as mortgage rates rise
Although there is still an inventory shortage, cash buyers can use this time to enjoy a wider selection of homes than buyers who are taking out a loan
by Bonnie Heatzig Jun 21
How to win a bidding war against a buyer who's paying all cash
There are smart ways to overcome a cash offer for that apartment, condo or co-op your buyer really wants. Here's how to go about making your buyer's offer more competitive
The key to success in business? Stop trying to solve 'all' the problems
At Connect Now, Homeward Founder and CEO Tim Heyl told agents and brokers to focus on what they do better than anyone else and predicted 'the bundled transaction' would gain steam
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 17
Sundae debuts off-market distressed property platform for investors
The new platform will allow investors to view, filter and sort available distressed properties exclusive to Sundae, as well as submit cash offers and track them in real time
by Lillian Dickerson Sep 14
What the new cash buyer rules mean for you
In some cities, most cash sales will have to be reported to regulators
by Andrea V. Brambila Nov 28
Is your cash buyer a phony? 4 warning signs
Things only pretenders say and how to respond
by Jack Gross Mar 20
Sacramento, California
Leading tech firms stepping in to advocate for homebuilding initiatives
by Gill South Jul 11
4 tips to prepare your cash buyer clients for FinCEN regulations
Protect the investments of your all-cash homebuyers
by Jackson Cooper Aug 31
National home prices hit peak while cash buyers decline, report says
Attom Data Solutions reports the US median home value higher than in 2005
by Jennifer Riner Jul 28
6 new counties must report all-cash deals to FinCEN
The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has expanded its LLC rules
by Amber Taufen Jul 27
Agent/broker perspective: Dealing with shell company buyers
Triple-cross the T’s and dot the I’s when the buyer is a shell company
by Anthony Askowitz May 9
Cash buyers paying premiums in steep markets, RealtyTrac reports
SVP Daren Blomquist says markets where cash buyers pay more, including Manhattan and San Francisco, could be at risk of overheating
by Jennifer Riner Apr 27
Bay Area home sales activity typical, according to CoreLogic
Sales activity down nearly 40 percent month-to-month
by Erik Pisor Feb 19
How will federal mandate for luxury buyer disclosures change the NYC market?
5 ways to help your clients compete with cash buyers
These tips will help your buyers' offers seem more attractive to sellers
by Jackson Cooper Nov 12