Ontario-based virtual home tour experience platform continues to compete in 3D home tour marketing space with new version of its virtual Viewer experience
by Craig C. Rowe | Nov 19
Agent-built Quitchet uses home search to capture buyers and help agents manage the deal
by Craig C. Rowe | Oct 16
Updates include new, easier way to train its virtual assistant and native Facebook Messenger integration
by Craig C. Rowe | May 30
An NAR-released video recommends that listing agents make it clear to buyers that there are active cameras in a home that may be used to monitor buyers
by Craig C. Rowe | May 8

A few weeks ago I reported on a voice-driven real estate search app. Now, three agencies have opted in to receive buyer and seller leads.

by Craig C. Rowe | Feb 24

Real estate agents should use return on investment as a more important factor than cost when analyzing marketing and technology products.

by Craig C. Rowe | Feb 22

Don’t look at it as a challenge to cut through the noise; you merely need to get the right people to hear you.

by Craig C. Rowe | Feb 13

A team of real estate agents in Miami grew frustrated with not having a single source of information for their speciality: new and pre-construction luxury high-rises in South Florida. So they built an app.

by Craig C. Rowe | Feb 10

iPlum is an app that creates a second phone line on the Android or iOS device you already use.

by Craig C. Rowe | Jan 30

InstaView 3.0 uses structured data to bake a host of valuable content into a property’s virtual tour. Real estate agent profiles, office services descriptions, upcoming open house dates and times, and listing details are now part of a what person can locate via search engine.

by Craig C. Rowe | Jan 25

Our mobile phones are genius devices and industrial design milestones. Why don’t we use them for what they’re intended?

by Craig C. Rowe | Jan 16

Buddy Agent will launch in Inman Connect New York to show real estate agents how to have a more balanced life by handing off work to accredited colleagues.

by Craig C. Rowe | Jan 13

MyHouseHas is an easy app for real estate agents to collect data and create PDFs for new listings.

by Craig C. Rowe | Jan 9

CNET launched its Smart Home Matrix, a website developed to show consumers how existing products in this space connect with one another.

by Craig C. Rowe | Jan 6

ZipComps is a new app for real estate agents available in Bay Area and San Diego markets.

by Craig C. Rowe | Dec 23