Change is needed — but not on the backs of homeowners
by Leigh Brown | Nov 17
Stay professional regardless of the circumstance -- don’t tell people what they should or shouldn’t do
by Leigh Brown | Oct 5
When you are inexperienced, the only value you can show clients is your ability to work your butt off
by Leigh Brown | Sep 28
Try to be a better person every single day
by Leigh Brown | Sep 26
Treasure every moment, and remember that it can be taken away
by Leigh Brown | Sep 18
Be prepared to go above and beyond the call when it comes to your service
by Leigh Brown | Sep 14
Real estate can open up a whole host of opportunities you’ve never thought of -- professional and personal
by Leigh Brown | Sep 12
Due diligence is critical when allowing others into a home you’re selling
by Leigh Brown | Sep 7
There are tangible and intangible wages you earn doing real estate work, and they’re all fantastic
by Leigh Brown | Aug 24
Preconceived notions will really kill you in this industry
by Leigh Brown | Aug 23
Even when you’re stuck between two highly hostile clients, it’s your obligation as a professional to keep the peace and remain dignified
by Leigh Brown | Aug 4
Be cautious during showings, and always make sure you’re the last to check the house
by Leigh Brown | Jun 21
It’s not always about the paycheck -- it’s also about helping your clients out
by Leigh Brown | May 3
People will try to devalue any property to get it at a lower price, so be aware
by Leigh Brown | May 1