2013: the year real estate memes broke
Reader poll: Are real estate memes here to stay, or a fad that's already peaked?
by Inman Jan 6
The ultimate sales pitch
Presentations of the future will boast high production values
by Gahlord Dewald Aug 1
Teasing data from the cloud
Imagining how information will be collected and analyzed in the not-so-distant future
by Gahlord Dewald Jul 26
When a drone won't do, you'll hire a 'gargoyle'
Reimagining the not-so-distant future
by Gahlord Dewald Jul 18
Someday, we'll all have our own digital snoops
Tomorrow's buyer will gather his own information
by Gahlord Dewald Jul 11
A glimpse into the not-so-distant future
How homebuyers might employ technology we know is coming
by Gahlord Dewald Jul 3
Are people who click the like button 'engaged users'?
Uncover the meaning of what it is that people do while using social media
by Gahlord Dewald Jun 26
Don't be led astray by 'turntable metrics'
Numbers that are easy to track aren't necessarily key performance indicators
by Gahlord Dewald Jun 17
Vendors rally around daily themes at Amsterdam real estate conference
Providing an engaging experience can keep attendees on the show floor, attract more business
by Gahlord Dewald Jun 6
Help newbies climb the 'technology on-ramp'
Latecomers don't deserve to be treated like second-class citizens
by Gahlord Dewald May 30
Are maps obliterating your visual branding efforts?
Use MapBox to style maps any way you like
by Gahlord Dewald May 22
If you pursue international clients, be prepared to serve them
Traffic from overseas may say more about aspirations of the real estate broker or agent than the market
by Gahlord Dewald May 1
Digital whiteboard enables long-distance problem solving
by Gahlord Dewald Apr 24
Build targeted marketing around emotional cues
Analytics can provide insights into online expressions of emotion
by Gahlord Dewald Apr 17
Why do listings look the same wherever we go?
Unique, amazing, and meaningful presentations will translate into visits
by Gahlord Dewald Apr 10