Harvard's newly completed 'HouseZero' was designed to take existing architecture and upgrade it with 100% natural ventilation, 100% natural daylight and zero carbon emissions
by Teke Wiggin | Dec 3
Super-green prototype is part of PG&E’s Zero Net Energy showcase
by Jennifer Riner | Jun 23
St. Stephens Apartments will offer 71 low-income housing units
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Certification program puts a priority on green features that address Gulf Coast environmental concerns
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Green building trends and certifications you need to know about for the future
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Carmaker said to be months away from mass-producing home batteries
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'Green' remodeling market share grows to 25 percent in 2013
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Nation implementing latest technology, green practices at furious pace
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Colorado working with Appraisal Institute to analyze energy performance
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Building materials evaluated for potential health impacts
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Net-zero-energy real estate on the rise
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New feature aimed at combating 'greenwashing'
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Green building growth increases, water issues become more important, global carbon ratings have weight
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Preserving buildings saves more than just resources
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Inaccurate disclosures can spark litigation
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