Getting started as a real estate agent: 102 tips from top Realtors
Inman reached out to more than a hundred of the country's top-performing Realtors and asked them what they would say to a real estate agent just starting out in 2023. These are their answers
A man raking leaves in the fall
Are you tired of buying leads or self-generating leads that don’t convert? It's time to stop blaming the leads and focus on the real issue
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7 strategies to grow your real estate business
Freedom is something earned, not just granted when you get a license
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3 ways to warm up your cold call game
Step out of your box, and give it a try
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10 dos and don’ts of starting a real estate career
Show up, be willing to learn, understand there will be hiccups, adjust when things aren’t going right -- and enjoy the process
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Podcast: Greg Harrelson on the true meaning of extraordinary
Your attitude is what changes these circumstances to opportunities or obstacles
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