The Federal Election Commission is barring Brown from running ads for her RE/MAX franchise before the election
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Leigh Brown is running in North Carolina's 9th district on a pro-Trump, anti-government regulation platform
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Leigh Brown gets real on the Inman stage
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Jessica Botelho shares her experience attending Inman Connect New York
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Change is needed — but not on the backs of homeowners
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Every state has its own style, but always keep it classy
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Stay professional regardless of the circumstance -- don’t tell people what they should or shouldn’t do
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When you are inexperienced, the only value you can show clients is your ability to work your butt off
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Try to be a better person every single day
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As a real estate agent, ensure your safety at viewings
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Treasure every moment, and remember that it can be taken away
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Be prepared to go above and beyond the call when it comes to your service
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Real estate can open up a whole host of opportunities you’ve never thought of -- professional and personal
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