It's the little things, not the big things, that upend transactions
Troy Palmquist of eXp talks with bi-coastal broker and Inman contributor Cara Ameer about the lessons she's learned and what she'd share with agents now
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Lesson Learned: You're 1 client away from changing your life
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19 real estate pros share their Lesson Learned moments
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Lesson Learned: Build your business by making connections
Find out how Seattle real estate broker Val Burmester started her business by making exceptional connections from Day 1
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Lesson Learned: Watch your mouth — and your face
Find out how Las Vegas Realtor Camila Lincowski brings her winning personality to her work and why her mom says she's 'the best Realtor'
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Lesson Learned: Be patient and do your homework
Find out how Warburg top producer Annie Cion Gruenberger lives out the lifelong commitment to client service she learned from her father
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Lesson Learned: Stay open to the possibilities
Find out how Compass development expert Dan Parker brings a lifelong love of design to his work with the city's biggest developers
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Lesson Learned: Listen more than you speak
Find out how Jersey City real estate professional Diana Sutherlin puts her background in acting and marketing to work to improve client relationships
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Lesson Learned: Work hard and give back
Find out how this veteran of the fashion industry turned her knowledge of high-end retail to the business of luxury real estate
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Lesson Learned: Focus on building your support system
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Lesson Learned: Stay grateful, and maintain your sense of humor
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Lesson Learned: Your next deal can come out of nowhere
Find out how New York City's Reba Miller learned that your next big deal can come from anywhere — even lunch
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Lesson Learned: Lean in to your differentiators
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Lesson Learned: Listen and look beyond the superficial
Learn why NYC real estate team leader Noble Black believes that appearances don't always count when it comes to clients
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Lesson Learned: Dive in, be real, and connect
Native New Yorker and Providence, Rhode Island, agent Kira Greene offers advice and insight plus the lessons she's learned along her journey
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