The compact camera can record 360-degree video in 4K, it has a revamped interface, it streams wirelessly, and it costs a bunch more
by Craig C. Rowe | Mar 1
It's time to be accountable for our listing advertisements, and let go of subpar practices that make us all look bad
by Lyndsey Casagrande | Feb 27
Now owned by Terradatum, VScreen has a powerful new video creator and publishing platform called VMS, or Video Marketing Suite
by Craig C. Rowe | Aug 23
Terradatum’s video marketing suite will address all aspects of real estate video content creation, hosting and distribution through a single login
by Craig C. Rowe | Aug 9
Take a page from these gems to enhance your visual marketing
by Alexa Garshofsky | Jul 31
iPhone video app limits takes and automatically edits scenes for easy-to-share, effective listing videos
by Craig C. Rowe | May 22
The 'Eyes Wide Shut' meets modern Cleopatra concept was brought to life after 18 hours of production
by Marian McPherson | May 10
Facebook viewers have responded positively to the costume, and business has been better for it
by Marian McPherson | May 10
New video series aims to show people what it really means to be an agent
by Marian McPherson | Feb 24
Agents can plot out and appear in video tours captured by a rover
by Teke Wiggin | Feb 22
That smartphone in your pocket could be the key to selling your next home
by Britt Chester | Aug 2
Is your property video working for you?
by Ray Shak | May 24
Siskel and Ebert would approve of putting these homes under contract
by Britt Chester | Apr 25
Publish professional, effective listing content online in true DIY mini movie fashion
by Craig C. Rowe | Mar 4
Agents can create video walkthroughs through Premier Agent and Zillow Real Estate apps
by Marian McPherson | Feb 16