The forecast for interest rates is still low, reinforced by new information from the Federal Reserve
by Lou Barnes | Oct 11
Loan applications are increasing vigorously, while lenders are opening the spigots
by Lew Sichelman | Feb 5
The 10-year T-note dropped to 2.23 percent last week, taking low-fee mortgages almost to 4.00 percent
by Lou Barnes | Apr 17
Homeowners are responsibly handling their mortgage debt, perhaps the best news of all
by Steve Cook | Apr 10
Economic opportunity and political safeguard make it an attractive place to put your money
by Raj Purohit | Feb 24
The 'national' forecasts can be deceiving, so look to your own neck of the woods
by Steve Cook | Feb 23
Tales from a Realtor leader in a struggling but resilient city
by Inman | Feb 16
The company expects a moderate market compared to the last two years
by Caroline Feeney | Nov 30
Changing buyer attitudes and rising interest rates will have to be factored into the equation
by Gill South | Nov 17
Survey data of active shoppers provides insight
by Caroline Feeney | Oct 19
NAR's 2016 profile report reveals overarching confidence among execs
by Caroline Feeney | Sep 20
The Fed's smoke signals gave no hint of what comes next, but the pressure seems to be building behind the curtain
by Lou Barnes | Aug 19
Ben Bernanke this week told us as much as we can know
by Lou Barnes | Aug 12
This is the biggest increase since February 2008, said Trulia's economist
by Amber Taufen | Jul 26
Overall, American sentiment toward buying and selling remains strong, but renters and student debt holders are less confident
by Caroline Feeney | Jul 13