The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau signaled an interest in ending a temporary exemption that allows government-backed loans to exceed 43 percent debt-to-income ratio
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A new administration in Washington, growing demand from young families and lenders committed to the non-QM market are creating a new lending environment
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Celebrating 'little wins' can have tremendous influence on one's success
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Real estate industry warns of credit crunch if thousands of homebuyers are moved into 'jumbo' territory
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Critics: Focusing on outcomes, rather than intent, flies in the face of sound underwriting practices
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Percentage of Realtors reporting problems with appraisals also declines
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New regulations may prevent another bubble, but deprive consumers of options
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Current standards too strict for their own good
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Court ruling opens the door for battle over leadership of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
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Lenders likely to demand larger down payments from buyers in high-cost markets
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Temporary exemption will allow government-backed loans to exceed 43 percent DTI
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'Fiscal cliff' negotiations may include homeowner tax breaks
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Trade group questions proposed mortgage regulations
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