How buyers find their new home has changed dramatically, and maybe even permanently, this year. Remember that what’s normal for us now is all new to sellers — especially the first-timers
by Nicole Solari Today 1:25 A.M.
Last week, we asked you to share some of the tough calls you had to make this year in light of the challenges brought on by COVID-19. Here's what you had to say
by Inman Aug 25
With a pandemic raging in the background, we know you've had to make some tough calls this year. But what was the most important (read: most difficult) decision you've had to make so far?
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This week, our readers share the best piece of advice they've ever received from family, colleagues and leaders. These nuggets of wisdom are not only applicable in the (home) office, but in day-to-day life as well
by Inman Aug 18
This week, we want to know what's the best piece of advice you've ever heard, how it helped you, and how it still holds true now. Who gave it to you? Was it your friend, leader, coach or mentor?
by Inman Aug 12
Of all the lessons I've learned in my tenure, these are the principles I must pass on to fellow real estate pros
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We love our buyers — we just don't always love the things they do
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How much money are you wasting without even realizing it?
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Share the benefits of removing ambiguity and confusion in the MLS
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Figure out who you are and what you sell, and own it
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You might be sure the listing is bad, but not all clients are willing to listen
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Buyers and potential clients can see through a lack of passion
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What you should know that they'll likely never say out loud