Buyers in some markets are offering hundreds of thousands of dollars over asking prices — and still losing bidding wars. 'Normally there's 13, maybe up to 20 offers. But 39 is bonkers.'
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With so many people working from home this year, it's no surprise that utility bills are ticking up. Mike Phillips, co-founder and CEO of Sense, shares tips on what people can do to reduce energy use in your home
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Cicadas have begun emerging by the thousands across the US — pandemic be damned. In severe cases, homeowners may get a large infestation of cicadas that ends up harming trees
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Though the pandemic and its various travel restrictions initially looked like bad news for the vacation rental industry, experts now say the sector is on fire
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Don't get sidetracked by vacations, spare time or business travel
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It all depends on the sellers and the home
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