Zillow sees losses rise in Q2 thanks to 'tough' market
The company lost $38M between April and June, though it did see revenue tick up slightly. Zillow also described 2023 as 'crucial,' in a newly published earnings report
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 2
Will the second quarter of 2023 match real estate's Q1 meltdown?
Major real estate companies began reporting Q2 earnings this week against a backdrop of high rates, low inventory and a sluggish economy. Analysts shared what they're watching with Intel
by Jim Dalrymple II Jul 26
Zillow's super app is taking shape — and the agent is front and center
ShowingTime+, an offshoot of Zillow, has released Listing Showcase, a new way to market listings on the popular consumer search site that makes the agent the centerpiece
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 12
New scheduling, market reporting tools boost ShowingTime+
While Zillow remains centered on consumer search and lead generation, offspring ShowingTime+ is becoming the 'super app' the industry giant promised, according to the company
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 8
Zillow expands 'post-pay' Premier Agent model to 2 new markets
The expansion is part of Zillow's 'enhanced markets' program, which is now in 6 cities and part of the company's efforts to eventually build a real estate 'super app'
by Jim Dalrymple II May 26
Zillow appoints new CFO amid push to build 'housing super app'
Jeremy Hofmann has played a key role in the super app push so far and also oversaw Zillow's acquisition of ShowingTime, the company said
by Jim Dalrymple II May 18
Zillow begins 'critical' year with mounting losses, falling Q1 revenue
Zillow brought in $469M in revenue, according to an earnings call Wednesday, falling 13% from the $536M it brought in a year earlier during a period that preceded the rate hikes and sluggish sales
by Jim Dalrymple II May 3
Zillow sees revenue dip in Q4, but manages to trim losses
The portal giant brought in $435M in revenue during the fourth quarter of last year and lost $72M, according to 4Q22 earnings released Wednesday afternoon
by Jim Dalrymple II Feb 15
Cost cutting and existentialism: What to expect from earnings
Large publicly traded real estate companies are about to share their numbers from the most brutal quarter in years. Analysts are bracing for the worst — and watching to see who can thrive
by Jim Dalrymple II Feb 15